Test the Waters - Establish Your Data Lake

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Extending the reach of your business to benefit from the influx of data from less structured sources or the IoT, is a strategic and time-critical capability. You'll need new tools, processes, and oversight to keep the "4 Vs" of Big Data tamed. SemanticClarity employs an iterative, low risk process that allows you to prioritize and address the business, process and technology realities involved in establishing a Data Lake. Leverage SemanticClarity's deep experience in the worlds of structured and unstructured data to implement a sane and secure data lake for your enterprise.


Add value with your data lake implementation 

  • Incremental data discovery and delivery
  • Capture data lineage and metadata from the onset
  • Securely bridge the data lake with existing data warehouse environments
  • Incremental dashboard and reporting delivery


Establishing your data lake environment allows your business to:

  • Implement a "future proof" data acquisition and retention strategy
  • Incrementally investigate and add data sources
  • Deliver blended reporting across multiple data warehouse environments
  • Establish data governance practices "at the source"