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SemanticClarity extends and enhances your Big Data and BI capabilities. We can help focus your efforts, tame your data tsunami and get measurable results from your Big Data initiatives.

Partner with us to incorporate best practices and best-of-breed technologies, at any scale, in a cloud or on-premise environment. We deliver tangible value with scalable, high performance, secure solutions.

Contact us and put your Big Data initiatives on the fast track to success - today.

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Delivering targeted, relevant product recommendations increases customer satisfaction and sales. Leverage our proven offering and enhance your customers' online experience by providing relevant product recommendations.

Try our SaaS-based Product Recommender and deliver actionable results for your online business.

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SemanticClarity accelerates the delivery of value by leveraging our partners’ state-of-the-art technologies. With our longstanding partnerships and deep experience, we consistently help our customers navigate the labyrinth of vendor offerings, avoiding the pitfalls of "runaway" project engagements.

Choosing and developing partner relationships is integral to building successful solutions. Leverage our expertise and the strength of our partners. 

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If you're looking to put semantic clarity into your message, and gain meaning from your metrics... you’ve come to the right place.

Our company is built on the proven foundation of enabling the digital presence and solid analysis and transparent reporting.  Leverage our years of experience and successful engagements to sort through the "noise" of technologies, and deliver smart, scalable solutions for your business. Contact us and meet the team. 

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Latest News

Latest News

January 26th, 2016

2016 A Good Year to Head to the (Data) Lake

In 2016 the continued proliferation of enterprise mobile application deployments, enterprise cloud infrastructure adoption, and the maturity of key Big Data processing capabilities will converge to produce a “perfect stew” that drives the adoption of data lake implementations. These new “integration architectures” are necessary to provide the capture, storage, protection and analysis of high-volume, media-rich data in the world of hybrid enterprise cloud environments.